1. Considerthefollowingmethodthatreturnsthe grade for a given score…. 1 answer below »

1. Considerthefollowingmethodthatreturnsthe grade for a given score….
1 answer below » SOFTWARETESTING Final EXERCISE Sumbit time:May 16.2022 1. Considerthefollowingmethodthatreturnsthe grade for a given score. public string get_grade(int score) { string grade = “”; if (score >=0 &&score grade = “E”; } else if (score >=10 && score grade = “D”; } else if (score >=20 && score grade = “C”; } else if (score >=30 && score grade = “B”; } else if (score >=40) { grade = “A”; } return grade; } (a) Draw thecontrol?owgraph for thegetgrademethod. Labeleachofthe edges in thecontrol?owgraphwithanumberandeachoftheblockswith aletter. (b) Writetestswithinputandexpectedoutputforthismethod. Usingthe labelsontheedgesinthe?owgraph, writedownthe sequenceofedges traversedbyeachofthetests. (c) Evaluate the fractionofedgescoveredbythetests (Covered/Total).Ifany edgesareuncovered, writeadditionalteststocoverthem. (d) Supposethedeveloperhasincorrectlywrittenthe conditionwithllinstead of&& inthe?rst if statementasif score >=0 ll score answer. (e) Whichcoveragecriteriaisbothpracticaland rigorousfortestingcomplex boolean expressions? For the expression ((x1 && y1) ll z1), develop tests thatachieve thiscoveragecriteria. Assumex1, y1, z1areallinput booleanvariables. Eachofyourtestsshouldassignvaluestotheseinput booleanvariablesandevaluate theexpression. (f) Forthefindmaximummethodgivenbelow (nisnumberofelementsin parametera[]), write testswithinputandexpectedoutputthatachieves “AllDUpairs”coverageforvariablesc, maxandindex. Writeoutthe pairsusing thelinenumbersshownbelowforthethreevariables andshowcoverageachieved. 1 int find_maximum(int a[], intn) { 2 int c, max, index; 3 4 max = a[0]; 5 index = 0; 6 7 for (c = 1; 8 c 9 c++) { 10 if (a[c] >max) { 11 index = c; 12 max = a[c]; 13 } 14 } 15 16 return index; 17 } 2. You have toconduct functionaltestingofadialogwiththreesetsofradiobuttons on it, representing travel needs within UK. The ?rst set of radiobuttonsspeci?es adestination, bycountrywithinUK—England, Scotland, Wales, orNorthern Ireland; thesecondnotes thechoiceofanaisleorwindowseat; andthethird affordsthechoiceofcoach, business, or economyclass.Whentheusermakesher selectionsandpresses ”OK” toclose thedialog, theapplicationwilltakeona different path of execution for each combination of given options in given states. (a) Howmanytestsdoyouneedtotestallpossiblecombinationsofinputchoices inthedialog? (b) Which functionaltestingtechniquewill you applyto bring downthe number ofcombinationsandwhy? (c) Apply this functional testing technique to thegivenproblemandshowthe resultingtestsuite (d) Giveanexampleofacombinationofinputs thatyour testsuitewillmiss andstatewhy.(5marks) (e) Givenaspeci?cation: a function that takesasinputanintegerinp1, and returnshalf thevalueof inp1 if inp1 iseven, and inp1otherwise. Forthis function speci?cation,identify representative value classes for the input inp1 withabriefexplanation. 3. (a) For theclassdiagraminFigure1, draw theuse/includerelationtorepre- sentpotentialinteractionsbetweenclassestobeveri?ed throughinter-class testing. Figure1: Classdiagramfor an elevator (b) Imagineagrandmotherwhowillonlyapproveyoudatinghergrandchildif youareolderthan25andyoungerthan40 and eitherrich orreally smart. If thatgrandmotherwasaprogrammerandcouldconvinceapplicantsto answerhonestly, herprogrammightlookabitlikethis: ShallowGrandmother.java 1 import java.util.Scanner; 2 3 public class ShallowGrandmother { 4 public static voidmain( String[] args ) { 5 Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(System.in); 6 int age; 7 doubleincome, smart; 8 boolean allowed; 9 10 System.out.print( “Enter your age: ” ); 11 age = keyboard.nextInt(); 12 13 System.out.print( “Enter your yearly income: ” ); 14 income = keyboard.nextDouble(); 15 16 System.out.print( “How smart are you, on a scale from 0.0 to 10.0? ” ); 17 smart = keyboard.nextDouble(); 18 19 allowed = ( age > 25 && age < 40 && ( income > 50000 || smart >= 8.5 ) ); 20 21 System.out.println( “Allowed to datemy grandchild? ” + allowed ); 22 } 23 } Inputs to theprogramare’age’, ’income’, ’How smart are you?’, and outputistheboolean’allowed’. i.For theShallowGrandmother class above, derive 6mutationsthat per- formexpression/operandmodi?cations.Lines in the method above are shownwith thelinenumber.Toshoweachmutation, simply statethe linenumberbeingmutatedandshow thelinewiththemodi?cation. ii.Derive tests that reveal thesemodi?cations(oneatatime, assuming eachmutation resultsina new program). Please show expected and actual output for each of the tests. iii.Do the testsrevealingthemutationsachieve condition coverageofthe code,showyour answer. If they do not achieve condition coverage,add tests for fullconditioncoverage. (c) Assumeyouhave1000regressiontestsandyourresourcesonlyallowyouto run200ofthem. Howwill you choosetheregressionteststorunwiththe limited resources?Discussthedi?erentwaysofchoosing regressiontests. May 16 2022 04:08 PM

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